Along the Boeretang in the city of Mol, between the water of the Canal and the river Congovaart and nestled in the Kempen’s forests, we find the Residentiewijk: a charming residential area with a rich history and with various leisure activities in the neighbourhood. Welcome home!


About the Residentiewijk

Are you looking for a new house? But do you want more than just four walls? Well, the Residentiewijk might be perfect for you! After more than 60 years, this unique district will be thoroughly renovated, to restore it to its former glory ánd to ensure its sustainable future.


Living in the woods

The buildings in the district are one with the forest. Impressive trees, lush bushes and colourful flowers. In the Residentiewijk you are completely surrounded by greenery, with the rippling water in the background.


Sustainable living

A heat grid which heats the properties, intelligent led lighting for indoor and outdoor use, and electric charging points for bikes and cars. The Residentiewijk is ready for a 100% green future.


Historic living

SCK●CEN and VITO built the district, designed by architect Jacques Wybouw, in the fifities for their personnel. It has won numerous architectural awards and is included in the architectural heritage inventory.


Living for everyone

SCK●CEN and VITO’s employees can keep living here if they want to. In addition, both employees and non-employees are given the opportunity to buy their own house or apartment in the Residentiewijk.


Construction company Cordeel starts the renovation works in 2019, on the initiative of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK●CEN) and the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO), and with the support of the Flemish Department of Environment and the Flemish organization of Immovable Heritage. Cordeel will also maintain the district for the next 25 years.

Renovation phase 1

You can find different housing types in the Residentiewijk: dormitories, studios, apartments, terraced houses and villas. The renovation of the neighbourhood will be addressed in two phases.

During the first phase, which has already started, the eastern side of the Residentiewijk will get a new look. The two buildings with dormitories and the impressive building with studios will be completely renovated. Moreover, Cordeel will renovate 20 terraced houses, which will also get a carport each.

Besides the renovation, Cordeel will also work on a number of newly built homes during this first phase. The Residentiewijk will get six new, modern villas, each with a garden adjacent to the Congovaart, and 30 new apartments. These new buildings are all designed with a nod to the original architecture of the Residentiewijk.

Cordeel relies upon Ontwerpatelier Peter Jannes and A33 Architects for the design of the entire district. The experienced landscape architect Denis Dujardin makes the valuable present nature, which is very typical of the Residentiewijk, even more special than it already is.

Do you want to buy a house in the Residentiewijk?

Coming soon! You will find more information about the sale on this website.


  • Oasis of peace surrounded by nature

  • Characterfully renovated terraced houses and modern villas

  • Sustainable houses with all necessary comforts

  • Within cycling distance from the city centre of Mol

  • Recreation in abundance: tennis, soccer, golf, …


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